Wolves of the Shudderwood

Five Tribes

Intelligence provided by a Cortaud contact from the Palatine Eye.

Dorzhanev, or Broken Ones
- Physically weakest, but travel packs to compensate
- More likely to do trading than raiding
- Least aggressive of the tribes, only attack lone, isolated prey
- Transform into small red wolves
- Matriarchal, led by a druid, Cybrisa Dorzhanev

Jezeldans, or Demon Wolves
- Newest tribe, began when an antipaladin of Jezelda willingly contracted lycanthropy
- Transform into black wolves
- Worship Jezelda, Mistress of the Hungry Moon
- Most aggressive in hunting outsiders
- Led by antipaladin, Adimarus Ionacu

Mordinacht, or Silverhides
- Tend to infiltrate human communities; known for subtlety
- Transform into silver wolves
- Led by Malthus Mordrinacht

Princes’ Wolves
- Ties with Sczarni crime families
- Created by Prince Andriadus Virholt to combat the Whispering Way
- Transform into brown or grey wolves
- Led by Rhakis Szadro

Vollensag, or Primals
- Descended from the Kellids
- Transform into dire wolves
- Leader, former Packlord Kvalca Sain, was slain recently

Other Info
- Stairs of the Moon is a sacred place for them
- New packlords must ascend at Highthrone, someplace in the Stairs of the Moon
- New packlord must eat the heart of the previous packlord for a stable transition

Wolves of the Shudderwood

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