Mists of Ustalav: A Carrion Crown Campaign

Into the temple

After resting the night, the party begins the next day with some magical reconnaissance. Ronit is able to send her Arcane Eye through a large portion of the temple, giving us a heads-up about many of the hazards ahead. Her friend Abby is inside, being drained by some kind of crystal. We make a plan to dash in and grab her quickly before any serious fighting starts. We are thwarted by a trap in the hallway, a mass suffocation spell which hits much of the group and slays Tethys.
The four robed figures using the crystal are monks using forbidden techniques from Shiogi’s order. Two of them are slain, one of whom was badly injured when Kelda smashed the lens he was holding.
An Erinyes with a flaming glaive seems most put out, as she was trying to warn a spectral figure about our arrival, but he wasn’t listening to her. He sent two spectres into the fight, but they were quickly dispatched along with the Erinyes.
In the next room were two invisible stalkers, awakening mummies with some kind of cold based magics. Shiogi was infected by some kind of powdered drug which was kicked up during the fight.
As the group was debating whether to stay or go back, an invisible lich-dog assaulted the party with powerful magic, and then fled.

The party plodded back to camp, exhausted and bruised. After a night of recovery and further planning, back to the fray.

Pending for exploration and thorough searching are a shrine to a Shining Crusade hero, a room of Whispering Tyrant relics, the room of mummy-tea brewing, and the basement alchemical lab.

Pending for slaughter are two robed monks, 4 mohrgs, 1 lich-dog, another gaggle of monks, a skeletal alchemist, and other unknowns!

The Erinyes was a servant of Mahathala, and she mentioned Addrissant had made a deal with the deity. Something the party did has soured the deal, so bonus for us.


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