Mists of Ustalav: A Carrion Crown Campaign

Final Battle

General Saylock and his ghosts/angels attack when the heros enter the the temple. Shouta and Ronit die and are quickly revived in the nick of time.

Saylock was a general of the whispering tyrant who was banished. Guess he came back.

A necklace of ki serenity was found nailed to the wall.

The party detected probable traps on the stairs leading up the tower. The party gained spider climb and began to walk up the stairs while hanging off the walls and ceiling.

The stairs were covered in webs and a giant spider attacked.

On the next landing, a group of unholy fire elementals

They attempted to smack at the party on the wall, but they were too short and ran away. They left behind cauldrons of massive evil. The holy aligned fists of Shiogi and Pharasma’s mace consecrate the cauldrons to rubble. Pharasma appears to the group and grant them extra power.

Gertrude tells the lore of the tower with the newly gained power of Pharasma.

Further up the tower the outer wall falls away and leaves e group exposed to the gailing wind. Chains and spikes line the tower. Old fallen heroes haunt the tower either because they fell to their death or were chained to the outside. A whaling surged up and greatly injured the party. The chained skeletons did their best to guard the tower.

The heroes came up to the lower balcony and battled the waiting unholy fire elementals and a flying nightshade. Shouta died, but Gertrude had the resources to revive him.

An elf head pokes out from the top spire. Gertrude remote views to see Adrisant drink the potion to bring forth the soul of the whispering tyrant.

The heroes jump on top. Adrisant has the soul of the whispering tyrant sticking out of his side. Shouta took a couple if hits and was all but dead. Kelda died. The heroes soldiered on and killed the abomination and the soul was returned to the prison.


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