Mists of Ustalav: A Carrion Crown Campaign

At the foot of the Tern Rocks

2/24/2013 Carrion Crown

  • After rescuing Mariel, we returned to town and were met by a mysterious stranger.
    + We noticed that her skin seemed to be unusually green.
    + Her name was sister Gertrude Markoshva, a follower of Pharasma
    + She told us that she had journeyed here to meet Kelda.
    – She was a friend of Sister Ophelia
    – She was mightily impressed with Kelda and had heard much of her adventures
    + She took us to a camp outside of town where the people she had traveled to Illmash with were staying.
    – Mugluk, a goblin witch
    – Kel and Daa, Mugluck’s apprentices.
    – Amaad, a tracker
    – Nalas, a monk
    – Weeshkubble, a mongrel man cook
    + They told us that they came here to help Kelda in whatever way they can.
  • We set out to talk to Horace Croon to arrange transportation on his sub-aqueus research exploration vessel to find the Chisvaa’s lair
    + We find him at home, and he agrees to let us use his vessel the next day
    – The submersible is more like a diving bell than a submarine.
    – Horace also gives us a Helm of Underwater Action that he found at the bottom of the sea on an earlier research expedition.
  • We used a sending spell to deliver a warning to Kendra
    + Kelda remembered that Kendra had told us that she intended to meet with Vassad
    – Recall that last time we learned that Vassad was actually Adrissant in disguise.
    + We tried to warn her of the danger that would accompany such a visit.
    + Actual message: “Joined with Kelda et al. Warning, Vassad is Adrissant of Whispering Way! Shiogi sends regards”
    + We did not receive any response from Kendra.
    – We were concerned that this might be an indication that she was in trouble.
  • We begin our descent in the sub-aqueus research vessel
    + Shouta sees a large squid-like creature in the distance
    – The creature seemed to be casting some kind of spell.
    – It seemed like the creature summoned some giant fiendish sharks and a large water elemental that then attacked the submarine.
    – After buffing ourselves with Freedom of Movement and Water Breathing spells, we jumped into the water and engaged the creatures.
    – We killed the summoned creatures and then chased the squid-like creature away.
  • After the battle, we resumed our descent.
    + Shortly thereafter, we reached the bottom.
    + Shiogi got out and scouted the area immediately surrounding our landing site.
    + He saw what looked like something that could be a cave at the base of the Tern Rocks.
    + We used the Trident of Warning to identify the presence of eight Ulat-Kini patrolling the area. Gertrude scryed out the area and revealed they had spiders on their heads.
    +The Ulat-Kini attacked us as soon as we left the craft.
    + We killed all eight of the guards.
  • We found a cave at the base of the Tern Rocks the entrance to which was covered by a force field of some variety.
    + We were able to walk through the force field, on the other side was an air filled tunnel leading deeper into the cave.
    + After walking down a short tunnel, we entered a large chamber that was dimly illuminated by biolumenescent fungus that was growing on the walls.
    + Two dimensional shamblers attacked us unprovoked, and we were forced to eradicate them.
    + Came across several rooms filled with motionless ulat-kini with spiders on their heads, moved past without disturbing them.
    + Further into the tunnels we came upon a fork in the tunnel we had been following.
    + When Shouta scouted ahead he found a chamber in which three Ulat-Kini were conducting some sort of ritual
    + We decided to explore the other fork, where we ran into a Cerebral Fungus.
    – The fungus told us about “the goats who ride the fishes”, and that the goat was coming … SOON
    – The fungus told us that when the Goat arrived, he would arrive in the chamber beyond the chamber where the clerics were performing their ritual.
    – After we established a conversation with the fungus, it became much less hostile and we were able to break contact and return to the other fork.
    + We attacked the cleric in the chamber with the statue of Dagon
    – We killed them.
    – In the chamber we found a VERY magic mace, which turned out to be the Raven’s Head, a powerful artifact of the church of Pharasma.


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