Information of Interest

Fragments, Letters, Journals, and the Like.

Hidden Contract – document discovered by Mugluck using the Moribund Key.

Fragments – partial documents found in the abandoned Whispering Way base below the Quarterfaux Archives.

Illmarsh Rider’s Letter – found under Tern Rocks by the spawning chamber.

Kendra’s Last Letter – Letter Shiogi received from Kendra on returning to Ascanor Lodge.

Letter to Vrood – found in Vrood’s tent in Feldgrau.

Scroll from Vrood – found in Vrood’s tent in Feldgrau, in an ornate bone scrollcase.

Estovion’s Journal – pieced together from fire by Lim Weftharper.

Wolves of the Shudderwood – Information from Palatine Eye contact on the werewolf tribes of the Shudderwood

Halo of Dreams – Fragment of Desnan text recovered by Lem Weftharper from Estovion’s private library in Ascanor Lodge, under questionable circumstances. (9-2-2012 Session)

Mummy Letter – Letter to Count Caromarc found in a mummy sarcophagus.

Vorkstag and Grine’s Ledger – tally of some customers and deliveries made by Vorkstag and Grine, recovered from a hidden chest in their workshop’s basement in Lepistadt.

Mekelovich’s Letters – letters found on Dr. Mekelovich’s body in Clover’s Crossing.

Apprentice Letter – letter found on body of necromancer in a farmhouse on the way to Clover’s Crossing, who was experimenting with yellow musk creepers.

Notes on Harrowstone Ritual – arcane diagrams written in Old Varisian, copied down from the outer walls of Harrowstone.

Information of Interest

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