Vrood's Spellbook


6: circle of death, create undead, eyebite, summon monster VI
5: cloudkill, suffocation, telekinesis, waves of fatigue
4: arcane eye, animate dead, bestow curse, enervation, greater invisibility, stoneskin, Vrood’s monologue
3: dispel magic, fly, nondetection, protection from energy, ray of exhaustion, vampiric touch
2: acid arrow, command undead, false life, ghoul touch, glitterdust, mirror image, resist energy, spectral hand
1: alarm, chill touch, mage armor, protection from good, ray of enfeeblement, shield

Vrood’s monologue spell is an arcane 4th level illusion spell which generates a spectral mouth that can be moved a la arcane eye, and allows the creator to talk for as long as the spell is active, having it transmitted loudly from the mouth. It has a focus component which is a tuning fork. The other limitation is that it doesn’t grant vision from the mouth; to see to guide it to remote locations, you will need other means….like arcane eye. Looking over what spells Alchemist gets access to, though, it will not be alchemist usable; alchemists can’t use magic mouth, or similar spells which create vocal illusions.


Vrood's Spellbook

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