Vissaad d'Onaidinnirdt



  • Scholar from the Quarterfaux Archive in Caliphas who knew Professor Lorrimor
  • Visited Ravengro for Kendra’s dinner party
  • Requested Lorrimor’s end of some correspondence, to be published in Caliphas; this request was granted
  • Ronit was able to convince him that her own correspondence with the Professor would be of interest, and obtained his address at Caliphas and passed on her own Lepistadt address


  • Replied to Ronit’s letter, that correspondence over the last 6-10 years would be of most interest to him for the publication
  • Later, sent an invitation to get a guided tour of the Quarterfaux Archives should Ronit visit Caliphas while he is in residence
  • Sent a similar invitation to Kendra Lorrimor; Kendra is considering making the trip to Caliphas in a month’s time to take him up on the offer


  • After defeating some agents of the Whispering Way, Ronit found a Stone of Sending. A message was stored there, from A.A., and Ronit recognized the sender as Vissaad! Adivion Adrissant is thus unmasked!

Vissaad d'Onaidinnirdt

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