Professor Mari Sirinov

  • First referenced in Vorkstag and Grine’s Ledger as receiving deliveries of live bodies in Ascanor Lodge
  • Left Ascanor Lodge several weeks before the party’s arrival, the same day Lim Weftharper arrived
  • Departure was sudden; received several coffins from Lepistadt, and claimed she needed to return to Thrushmoore to properly bury these family members

Info from Lim

  • Supposedly used to be a professor at the Sincomakti School of Sciences until a year ago
  • Area of speciality was Azlanti and pre-Azlanti civilizations
  • One year ago, she accepted a commission from Count Lowls (ruler of Versex) to investigate some ruins in the mountains. She never returned to Sincomakti.
  • Had access to Estovion’s private library during her sojourn


  • High ranking member of the Tenebrous Veil, an organization recently created by Count Lowls
  • Appeared in possession of some Tome of power, summoned demons to challenge the party
  • Explained the true nature of Raven Solaris, and why the Veil had responded by enchanting local members of the Palatine Eye
  • Declared the Eye’s agents would not be welcome in Thrushmoore from here on out
  • Provided two mirrors for negotation with the Eye, should they wish to try to make amends
  • Claimed that the Dark Rider had gone south to Illmarsh, not north to Redleaf

Professor Mari Sirinov

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