Lim Weftharper



  • Bard who works for Professor Henri Meirtmane of the Sincomakti School of Sciences, based out of Rozenport in Versex
  • Came to Kendra Lorrimor’s scholarly party as Meirtmane’s representative, arriving late, supposedly because she got caught up in an extended game with Big Ivan and Deadeye Pete
  • First met the party playing the harp in the Ravengro town square. Stirges arose from hidden places and attacked the party, moving slightly in tune to her music, though the party was also inspired by her music.
  • Left suddenly the day after the dinner party…and also the morning that Deadeye Pete supposedly decapitated himself in a freak accident

Clover’s Crossing Incident

  • Resurfaced leading a gaggle of refugees from Clover’s Crossing. She directed the refugees to the “safety” of Findil’s farmhouse at the party’s recommendation.
  • Recognized Hobo at that meeting
  • Sent an unopened letter to Hobo about the time the party was leaving Lepistadt

Ascanor Lodge

  • Found again at Ascanor Lodge, where she arrived the same day that Mari Sirinov left and was lodged in her rooms.
  • Investigating a ruined temple of Desna near Ascanor Lodge, and the origins of the werewolves there
  • Snuck into Estovion’s private library during the chaos of the giant tarantula incident, and showed the party a document she pilfered, the Halo of Dreams
  • Offered to pay well for information of interest to her research

Lim Weftharper

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