Alinza Asseni



  • Lastwall Crusader, former associate of Professor Lorrimor, who came to Kendra Lorrimor’s dinner party in Ravengro
  • Varisian by ethnicity, which has caused trouble with those who assume all Varisians are Szcarni thieves, like Horace Fitzherbert
  • Requested access to Lorrimor’s annotated texts that were scheduled to be delivered to Lepistadt University, to aid in Lastwall’s efforts to thwart the darkness, but was denied.

Clover’s Crossing

  • Led a squad from Lastwall to clean up Clover’s Crossing in the aftermath of the party’s efforts


  • Sent a request to Kelda to aid in getting access to Lorrimor’s annotated texts, in the wake of an incident where a Lastwall patrol was wiped out investigating a cult of Urgathoa.
  • Wrote Kelda up for promotion to Crusader for her effort’s at Clover’s Crossing. Passed on the formal commission and regalia in the party’s final week in Lepistadt

Alinza Asseni

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