Abby Abfort


Ronit’s old roommate from Lepistadt University. Very proactive and into solving puzzles. Ronit received a letter from her at Ascanor Lodge, which arrived the day after the party had left to hit Feldgrau. The letter shared information about odd happenings in this new cult, the “Moon-Eating-Owl”, and a “Madame Eye”. Abby confessed she would investigate further.

On receiving the letter two weeks later, Ronit sent a potion of Disguise Self to Abby.

A few days letter, she started getting hints from A.A. that Abby was in trouble, and got confirmation from the spirit planchette.

In a note Ronit shared with the group, Adivion Adrissant threatened to harm Abby unless Ronit put the tracking stone back in her normal clothes. Ronit complied, after consultation with the group.


Abby Abfort

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