Mists of Ustalav: A Carrion Crown Campaign


Just before dawn, Halloran is given his Atonement and greets the dawn with his honor restored.
The woman is exorcized, releasing a Servant of Pestilences, a servant of one of the four horsemen.
After destroying the creature, the woman is returned to her right mind, but she is very upset. She says we have removed the protection for her people, the Varisians in Witherleaf.
She blames a bone dragon named Marrowgarth and we see fire and explosions in the distance. We resign to travel to Witherleaf immediately, the Knights will come with us.
Once there we find the Varisians, but they turn out to be zombies in disguise. Three woman launch spells at us as a strange magical storm descends on the town. The zombies are quickly dispatched, and the women turn out to be two witchfires and a night hag.
Ronit was victim of a charm spell and wandered off to investigate a barrow. She found a gauntlet of rust, which would be helpful as we were warned by the old woman about a “cage of iron” when we went through the next gate.
Mugluk finds the hand in a barrow of a fallen priest of Pharasma, writings of the Whispering Way cover the walls.
The Knights leave with the woman and the group decides that with the warning, they will leave the large group behind and contact them with a Sending once the coast is clear.
This decision saved a lot of lives as there was indeed an iron cage on the other side, and outside of the cage was a banshee.
The wail was countered by Gertrude’s death ward and the group took it out.
Outside of the deadly trap, the day was dark and oppressive, despite it being mid morning.
The room would be a staging point for scouting and other recon, to find out awaits.


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