Mists of Ustalav: A Carrion Crown Campaign

Shiogi's Journal: More Wrenchurch

After a quick search of the liche’s laboratory, we found a secret door. There was a mutilated body of one of the minions of Pharasma on one of the tales in the secret room. We carefully bypassed the room that was filled with some pools (Shouta left the door open to a hallway filled with a waterfall (illuminated by skulls)). After passing through a room filled with smoke (made with haunt siphons) with some high monks we found Kendra! Although something was a little off about her. Shouta scouted ahead and found a mirror which tried to suck out his soul. He managed to crush it and three demons were released. Luckily the demons were stupid and went to guard the walls under Shouta’s direction.

Then Kendra convinced us to look for her spellbook. We found a room with 3 stone golems that looked like Urgathoa. They started to attack us and then Kendra and the 4 captives (ie totem masks) also started to attack us. Kelda whipped out the Mace of awesome and everything was taken care of.

Shouta scouted ahead and found a bunch of bodies around a candle in some sort of ritual. We devised a plan to sneak up on them. This plan was foiled by the tin can-ness of Gertrude. Luckily Ronit fired off two blasts of Sunburst and the 8 shadows wilted.

Then we moved on and found a room full of corpses. There was a big bat scorpion that we beat down, while the liche dog attacked us. We managed to kill both (Gertrude had two major dispel effects).

We rested for an hour to get rid of the exhaustion.

Shouta scouted and found 40ish zombies, 4 clerics, 4 phylactories, and one undead body surrounded by a nubulous haze.

Ronit destroyed the world of zombies with a sunburst spell, and then we moved in and cleaned up with lots of punches in the face.

Then we questioned the stoner monks about what was left in the dungeon. Found out about some construct that makes burning people and one metal thing that flies. There is also some sort of burning pit.

We decided to check it out…..


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