Mists of Ustalav: A Carrion Crown Campaign

Shiogi's Journal (Leaving Caliphas)

As a group we trudged back with the coffins and we meet Lady Evgenya, undead lady that looks like the decoy (Belova). Hand over the journal, along with evidence that minions went after the decoy. Hopefully after the execution of the saffron scarf we can talk to Ramoska and gain information on the whispering way.

We went back to our room and crashed (letting minions take care of shopping list and arrangements). The next day I got my fist enchanted and then hung out with the monks at the temple of the dancing winds. We decided to ask the vampires where the one that escaped was (more on this later?). Kelda asked about the rune bound chains but was not able to get any.

Siervage pronounced judgement on the safron scarf (shaft of light fell on him and he turned to ash before our eyes). We went to see Ramoska (pretty ugly for a vampire). He is a nosferatu (not a vampire).

“Why did Saffron Scarf set you up”

Worked for Adrissant for a while and then ended up in chains. Never was he paid for the work.

Investigating an elixir (to create a lich) which was keyed to a specific person (to the prince of Ustalav Eduard Ordranti).

Adrissant came to him after he was unemployed by the countess.

Renchurch is the traditional retreat of the Whispering Way. Siervage thinks that the Whispering Way might have retreated here.

Line of succession is in doubt.

Given token to summon the vampires to fight the whispering tyrant.

Go to see Siervage’s Prophet Anastasia and got some good advice (see paper).

Decide to do research.

There is a ruined temple of Desna nearby and a ritual (at least 4 people blessed of Desna) that might connect to a temple of Desna nearby Ruwido.

Found that the viscount’s manor is near Ruwido.

Wytchgates are called circles of thornes (need to find mummified hand which will show up under the presence of a moribund key). Will open up the whispering way’s passages through Virlych.

Take a detour back to the Shudderwood, meet up with old friends (still some seperation anxiety about Forthing). Some grave robbery has been happening (the ones that were stolen were the former leaders of the Mordrinacht).

Then off to Ruwido. After we teleport in we see a familiar figure with a flaming bow.

Found a devil at the top of the ruwido temple of Desna, said something about Sabitha

What was your last memory (Momma Sabrina’s skirt)

Where is momma sabrina (ruwido)

Killed in the current year

Name Misha (what is your name)

Everyone is scared (did friends disappear recently)

Then we make base camp at the temple and the rest of us went out to Ruwido the next morning.

Kelda got us into the town past some guards. Found out there are haunted ruins outside of town. Apparently all bad places.

Went to see Karna the Mystic. We decided to “bless her” with remove curse.

Plamenia Volkov (Professor) Former Professor of Ronit.

Found a guide called Jibywin.


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