Mists of Ustalav: A Carrion Crown Campaign

Owl Eating Fists of Dark Alchemy

A swarm of dead animals including Shouta’s followers attack in te night.

Abby was found in terrible shape, but informed that the guy who was also I the room paid to be transformed.

The room under the sitting room with the giant sword lead to a twisted maze.

Gerturde, Ronit and Shiogi go up and free the demon in the tower. He reveals how to dispel the haunt in the bell tower.

Tethis’s soul is torchered in the hall by a magic rib bone.

In the artifact room whispers begin to rise. Ronit unlocks the door to the mummy tea room. The room is covered in dust thicker than before. A robe is collapsed on the floor and the outline of a body in white dust remains. The coffins and teacups are removed.

On the stairs, the haunts rise again and attempts to turn Shiogi into a werewolf.

At the bottom of the stairs a group a skeletal monks are practicing a forbidden martial art from Iriori’s temple. Ronit recognizes the owl-eating-moon symbol on a belt buckle indicating One was a friend from Lepiatat University. Or at least Ronit believes this is so. A single monk was captured for questioning, tied up and left behind.

The heroes came down the stairs to the Alchemy lab. Two metal and glass gollums began to tick and whirr as fluid pumped in the last bits of necrotic ooze. An alchemist lich stated that all would die, as per the villain want. In the next room extra planar beings bubbled up from a strange room full of green goo and attempted to kill Kelda by coating and suffocating her. The lich went invisible, but Ronit could still see him flying on the ceiling and it was a battle of alchemists. Shouta gaining see invisible and began to pelt him with arrows. Gertrude cast purge invis an Shiogi cloud stepped to punch a very surprised chemist. The room was filled with equipment that would explode with negative energy damage.


Sarah999 Dannielle

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