Mists of Ustalav: A Carrion Crown Campaign


just the facts ma'am

The party spent several days in Caliphas questioning various parties trying to track down Adivion Adrissant

  • The Adrissant heir has not been seen in Caliphas in years, his father says he travels around the world and has discovered information about Osirion mummies in Cheliax
  • Letters from the heir match the handwriting in the letters the party has received from Adrissant
  • Vissad is supposedly “on sabbatical”
  • In the archives a portrait of Count Grodlych, a fallen priest of Pharasma, turns out to be hiding an entrance to a secret series of rooms
  • The rooms have been ransacked and attempts made to destroy any evidence of what was contained within
  • The party was able to recover a few fragments of information
  • Also met a dhampir named Content Not Found: quinly who followed the group into the hidden room
    • He didn’t seem to want trouble, and offered help
    • He informed us of the existence of the vampire court in Caliphas and would try to get us an audience
    • He says he is trying to avenge his mother, a vampire slain in the recent rash of vampire murders
  • Vampires have been staked and the bodies left to burn in the sun in various areas of Eastern Caliphas
    • Stories of mists and red eyed wolves surround these events
    • The stakes used are distinctive
    • There has been a truce with the vampires for a long time, these murders threaten it
    • The Sunrise Foundation was started by Sire Vage, head of the vampires
      • Supports women and children, but feeds on the women if they don’t find other means to live
      • The receptionist is also a dhampir, but doesn’t admit to knowing about any local vampires
  • The heads carried by Rask are identified
    • A prominent tailor
    • A judge (member of the Palantine Eye)
    • A scholar (member of the Palantine Eye)
  • One of the head scholars at the archives is also a P. Eye member
  • The local temple of Pharasma and the local guard have both been informed of the threat of the Whispering Way in Caliphas
  • In the midst of the investigation, another murder happens, the group decides to try and set a trap for the vampire hunters in hopes of making nice with the court to gather information from them


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