Mists of Ustalav: A Carrion Crown Campaign

Cinco de Mayo

Ronit and Shiogi began to search the house from top to bottom and found a stairway leading down beneath the floor boards.

Shouta and Kelda came out to check on Olaf, the prisoner. Tethis reports that some mist came out of the house and Olaf began to struggle. Quinley staked Olaf to keep him from escaping and propped him up like a drunk in the alley. Unable to question Olaf they brought him into the building and tied him up with the other dominated guards. Shouta posted his friends around the building to keep an eye out on the coming and going of mists and people.

The only room that the heros had not searched was the warehouse. It was filled with lots of crates and tall pallets. A large demon stepped out from the darkness of the far side of the room. Scratching comes up from the floorboards; ghouls burst out from below. Shiogi, Shouta, Gertrude and Quinley became paralyzed with the sight of undead. Ronit threw a bomb and Kelda channeled energy to dissolve the ghouls before they took a bite on the helpless.

The demons were mightly, but cowards. After a few jabs from Kelda and Shiogi they ran into the cover of darkness. Shiogi, Kelda and Quinley flushed them out and they were quickly dispatched with arrows of Shouta.

Suddenly Ronit disappeared. Shouta’s friends were able to track her. Shiogi was unable to grapple her. She was determined to go to the park-very determined. Shiogi then beat her until uncounciousness.

Gertrude carried Ronit as the rest descended the previously discovered stairs. A small guard of vampires were waiting for them. The front guard was easily dispatched.

The next room proved more difficult with several sub-vampire creatures. The creatures surrounded Quinley and drain most of his life. Coffins lined the room. Inside were the missing vampire folk except for Quinley’s mother. Gertrude and Quinley unstaked the hostage vampires and told them to stay calm and out of the possible range of positive energy.

Kelda opened the room and found a line of wooden coffins. She attempted to open the first coffin and it sprung to life and tried to swallow her whole. She broke free and the coffin oddly began to talk. It offered her a deal of 5,000 gp to leave her alone. Shouta produced a bag of plantinum and in strutted them to bite vampires. Kelda and Shouta left, closing the door behind them.

A final room revealed a line of stone coffins guarded by a few more vampire that were easily dispatched. Beyond was an ornate golden casket with a tapestry of the crusades. Inside the golden casket, the Saffron Scarf was in repose. A gate in the back lead down to the labyrinth of the city sewers.

The hostages were released and the perpetrating vampires were staked to be brought to the vampire court. The local city guard took the dominated humans from upstairs.


Sarah999 Dannielle

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