Mists of Ustalav: A Carrion Crown Campaign

Carrion Crown 5/26/2013

Carrion Crown – 5/26/2013

  • We made our way back into town to prevent the “Old Chief” from doing anything crazy.
    + When we arrived, we learned that someone had called a big town meeting.
    + The old chief was missing though, so we went to go find him.
    + It turned out that Tethys had incapacitated the old chief to prevent him from
    from going to the town meeting and spreading the false gospel of Pharasma
    as described to him by the Devil Sabitha (aka Momma Sabrina).
    - We were able to convince the chief that he didn’t need to harm himself to be
    right with Pharasma.
    - We also convinced him that we had removed the curse on the town and that the
    children would be safe from this point forward.
    + During the ensuing celebration, our follower arrived in town.
    - While at the temple, Mugluck had used the Moribund Key to find a contract
    detailing the arrangement between Sabitha and Adrissant.
  • After divvying up some loot that we recovered from Sabitha’s body, we returned to the
    manor house to try to use the witch-gate in an attempt to track down Adrissant.
    + Again using the Moribund Key, Mugluck was able to find a spectral hand (which we
    know is used to activate the witch-gates) near the entrance to the manor.
    + We activated the witch-gate and stepped through, arriving outside the entrance to
    a cave.
    – On further inspection, we saw that the witch-gate that we arrived at made up
    the entrance to this cave.
    - A trail of some kind of slimy substance led into the the cave. Ronit was able
    to determine that the slime was some kind of pus from a putrified wound.
    + Shouta scouted ahead and saw a vampire standing guard a little ways down the tunnel.
    + We were able to subdue the guard without him raising the alarm, and continued on our
    way down the tunnel.
    + In a large chamber at the end of the tunnel was a Linnorm!
    + We retreated from the chamber to interrogate the vampiric guard.
    - We learned that the linorm was known as the Savage Sovereign, and that he
    demands tribute from those who would use the witch-gate.
    - That Savage Soverign gives a key to the witch-gate to those who offer him such
    - We coordinated our tactics and assaulted the beast in its lair!
    + We quickly dispatched the creature.
    - Shouta was grievously wounded in the fight.
    - Fortunately Gertrude was prepared for such an event and was able
    to step in to save Shouta from his morbid fate.
    - We freed the vampire guard from the compulsion that forced him to serve the
    linnorm, and promised to grant him a clean death after he had a chance to atone
    for his misdeeds in service to the Savage Soverign.
  • When we activated the gate, we traveled through and arrived in a desolate landscape.
    + We were met by a group of the Knights of Ozem.
    + They were keeping a Varisian woman under guard
    - The woman was possessed by some kind of Daemon.
    - We cast the spirit out of her body and defeated it in combat.
    - She mentioned Marrowgarth, the boned terror, who Shiogi recognized as a bone
    dragon known to frequent the area.
  • We set off for the village, to try to deal with Marrowgarth before it had a chance
    to attack the Varisian caravan.
    + On the journey, Shouta’s raven returned with an intelligence report.
    - It brought word of a dragon-like creature that had immolated parts of the town
    with it’s black-fire breath-weapon.
    - We guessed that


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