Mists of Ustalav: A Carrion Crown Campaign

Carrion Crown - 07/28/2013

Carrion Crown – 07/28/2013

  • After arriving at the witch gate exit
    + We sent out scouts to explore the area around the Witch Gate
    - We sent Kelda’s ranger to a fetid bubbling lake
    - We sent Shouta’s animals to circumnavigate a temple on a nearby hill
    + The animals who headed clockwise around the temple never returned
    - We mounted a rescue mission to see what happened to the missing scouts
    - We found a ruined building the floor of which was covered in singed bodies
    - When Tethys went to investigate, he found the missing scouts
    - He also suddenly smelled something burning, and he ran for his life
    + Gertrude examined the temple using magic remotely
    - She saw a barbed devil wielding a bow and covering the approach to the building
    - She also saw a large robed figure standing in front of the main entrance
    + We decided to work our way around the temple ourselves
    - We ran into several haunts, which Kelda and Gertrude channeled away
    - We then found several carriages, which appeared to be from Caliphas
    - One of these carriages was heaped with 6 dead, decaying bodies
    - While investigating these carriages we were attacked


- We decided to interrogate corpses via the spell Speak With Dead
We learned that they were a patrol of Lastwall defenders

  • After scouting around the temple, we decided to assault the building via the front door
    + We rushed into attack, Shiogi leading the way
    - We defeated the large robed figure, and forced our way into the temple
    - In the antechamber of the temple we started to hear voices
    - Gertrude opened a door leading deeper into the temple
    - Shouta was geting tossed around by poltergeists
    - He gratefully followed Gertrude through the door
    - We ended up in a large hallway with pews scattered throughout
    - We saw some grotesque ghouls eating something
    - A daemon was overseeing this “feast” from a vantage point near the ceiling


- At the front of the room we found an altar
- It was once an altar to Pharasma, now “repurposed” for Urgathoa


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