Mists of Ustalav: A Carrion Crown Campaign

Arrival in Caliphas

3/31/2013 Carrion Crown

Chapter 4!

  • Starting in Thrushmoor, we arrange passage for ourselves, our followers, and associated followers on a boat to Caliphas.
    + The journey takes 2 days
    + Gertrude is nervous throughout the journey, due to the History of the Raven’s head’s internment at the bottom of the sea.
  • We made our way to the temple of Irori
    + The temple is situated several miles outside of town
    + We spend the night outside of the temple, hoping for an audience in the morning.
    + When we arrive, Shiogi went up to the temple on his own and he is permitted entrance to the temple.
    + He arranges for an audience in the morning.
  • The next day Shiogi met with the Grand Master of the temple.
    + He is challenged by a guard to a test of his skill. He passed the test.
    + He delivered the book to Loremaster Ito, who agrees to send it on to the unfailing guardians.
    + The Grand Master told Shiogi that there had been a theft of a number of scolls from his temple at about the time that he left.
    – He learned that Itsa was the prime suspect in the thefts
    + After arriving back in camp, he tries to eat some food that had been forbidden, and was not struck down for doing so. Hooray!
  • We next visited the temple of Pharasma to pick up the mail that we had had forwarded there.
    + We had letters waiting for us from Professor Meirtmane, Kendra, the Margrave, and Professor Crowl
    – Kendra’s letter told us that she was scheduled to tour the Quarterfaux archives with Vissad (AKA Adrissant) several days prior to our arrival
    – We also learned that she was staying at The Magesty in room 234 and that she should still be there if she was still free of Adrissant’s clutches
  • After learning of Kendra’s peril, we made our way to The Majesty to see if we could find her.
    + We rented a suite of rooms for ourselves at the inn
    + We learned that Kendra had not been seen coming or going from her room in several days.
    + We were unable to convince the hotel staff to grant us access to her room to see if she was OK
    + We concocted a plan for Shouta and Tethys to sneak into her room that night to see what we could learn
    – Ronit provided the dynamic duo with magical enhancements to make the caper possible
    + During the caper we learn that Kendra had been staying there alone, and that in her last Journal entry she mentioned that she was going
    Vissad the next day.
  • The next day we set out for the Quarterfaux archive
    + On the way we are sidetracked by a commotion in an alleyway that we passed.
    – There were what appeared to be the remains of three vampires.
    + Upon arrival at the archive, we took a tour of the exhibits
    + We found an amulet on the body that was inscribed with a variety of runes
    – Shouta touched it and examined it, gaining one negative level when he did so.
  • After the tour, we were attacked by a headless horseman on the street
    + He apparently knew about us and that we had in our possession the Raven’s head
    + Negotiations quickly broke down and when we preemptively attacked the creature
    + While we were waiting, Gertrude did some remote viewing and saw a statue in the basement
  • We made our way to Vassad’s home
    + The butler met us at the door and informed that Vassad was not expected for several days
    + We decided to wait in the hopes that he would arrive while we waited
    + While we waited, Gertrude did some remote viewing
    – She saw runes similar to those on the amulet inscribed on the statue
    + Eventually the butler ushered out and invited us to come back the next day if we wanted to
  • That night, Shouta and Tethys tried to infiltrate the house to learn more about the things in the basement
    + While Shouta was able to get into the house, he wasn’t able to get into the basement.
    + The household staff came close to discovering Shouta in the house, and he fled the scene
    – It was not clear if anyone of the household staff saw Shouta clearly enough to idenfity him
  • The next morning, we went to the guard station to report on our encounter with the Headless Horseman the previous day
  • We decided to try to determine Vassad’s location via other methods
    + Shiogi visited the Temple of Irori to confer with their scholars
    – Loremaster Ito identified the amulet we found as a Moribound Key
    + Shouta talked to the guards at the city gates
    – One guard confirmed that Vassad left the city via the North Gate about a week ago
  • We approached the city watch with our evidence that Adrissant/Vassad was up to no good and got permission to inspect
    the basement of Adrissant’s house.
    + Ronit detected a secret room in which a large amount of money was secreted.
    + We decided to investigate the gargoyles statue more carefully
    – We managed to decipher the code and solve the riddle that was inscribed on it
    – When we did so, a group of bone demons jumped us and we were hard pressed to fend them off


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